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Estonia, member of the European Union since May 2004, might be a small country, but it has the honor of being the first country in the world to use the Internet as a means to remotely cast votes in democratic elections. If you plan to study in Estonia, you will notice the Estonian creative way of using information technology as part of their daily lives as well as the astonishing combination between history and modernity, tradition and technology. In addition, the majority of higher education institutions offer study programs and courses taught in English and warmly welcome international students and researchers.

Estonia is situated in northeastern Europe, being the northernmost of the three Baltic States. The life- style of Estonians is directly linked to their character, the weather and different seasons. In winter Estonians tend to be more home- and work-centered, while summer is a time for active open-air activities and vacations in the countryside

As of 1 January 2012, in Estonia higher education institutions may conduct studies and issue recognized graduation documents only in study programs that belong to the study program group holding the corresponding right issued by the Government of the Republic.

Academic progress is measured in credit points (ainepunkt, or ECTS credit). The system of credits is a cumulative calculation of credit points based on a student's workload. 1.5 credit points correspond to 40 hours or one week of studies performed by a student. A credit point is not related to the lecturing or any other workload of a member of the academic staff. The normal workload of an average student during a full academic year would include forty weeks of studies and entail 60 ECTS credit points. Credit points are only awarded for successfully completed courses.

Study Medicine in Estonia

When it comes to medical study in English destination, Estonia is one of the best options. Country is known for its high reputation of the quality of studies and research and excellent reputation of the diploma they receive after they graduate. It offers Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Studies in Estonian and medicine in English and Estonian.

Medicine in Estonia has become one of the major subjects in Europe and beyond. Most medical school students are attracted by medicine in Estonia because of the quality of studies, the possibility of choosing the language of study (English), reasonable tuition fees and living cost, diploma recognized all over Europe and beyond, possibility of medical school transfer, well trained and experienced staff, student mobility, etc.

Our team's objective is to help those medical students with information about how to get into medical school in Estonia in nowadays, about medical school cost, cheapest and best medical school, and help them fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor or hearth care of any lever.


  • The University of Tartu was founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus. It was initially called Academia Dorpatensis. The necessary preparations for creating a university in Tartu (then Dorpat) were made by Johan Skytte, governor general of Livonia.

    Academia Dorpatensis, modeled after the University of Uppsala in Sweden, was intended to pursue research and advance learning in a wide variety of disciplines. The University of Tartu (UT) has continued to adhere to this approach throughout the centuries, and remains today the only classical university in Estonia. Research at UT focuses on subjects as diverse as medicine and philosophy, genetics and computer science.


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